Tell me about the classes?

Baby Signing Time Classes are intended for birth to 3 years.   Younger infants won’t be able to directly participate in the activities, however the benefit is that when you begin signing as young as possible they will be able to sign back when they are ready.  You will be taught ways to integrate signing in your everyday life and exposing your young child to signing early helps to reinforce the importance of communication.

Signing Time Classes are for children ages 3-7 years.  It will be structured more like a classroom experience with activities, games and story time.

Am I able to bring my child with special needs?

Of course!  I have a credential in Special Education and will accept your child with open arms.  I have used sign language in my classroom and have seen wonderful results.  Signing is beneficial for children with all needs whether verbal or non-verbal.

Will signing delay speech?

No.  Children who sign tend to speak earlier than those who do not.  Signing is another form of communication which encourages children to communicate.  Research shows that signing uses the same part of the brain as spoken language.


I am an independent contractor of Signing Time/Two Little Hands.  I use the curriculum provided by Signing Time Academy and pay licensing fees for the right to use the curriculum.