About the instructor

Hello!  I’m Annie,  from Santa Ana, CA.  I have two children, who have been signing since they were 6 months old.  I began my fascination with  Baby Sign Language when I was on bed rest during my pregnancy.  I caught an episode of Signing Time on PBS and I was hooked.  I promised myself that if my daughter makes it, I will give her the best start in life with the gift of sign language.  Sign language wasn’t so foreign to me as I am a full time Special Education Teacher and have students who are nonverbal and use sign language to communicate.  Although we use basic signs, I see the joy and excitement in my students when they find signing as a way to get their needs met.   Coco’s first sign was more and now has a signing vocabulary of over 70 words.  I am amazed by the positive effects of teaching a few signs.  My daughter, as well as my students appreciate feeling heard.  I hope that I can share this gift of communication with you and your child.